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Our Goal

WarpMe integrates eSign and eNotary with video

communications in a comprehensive sales and

collaboration platform.

WarpMe integrates eSign and eNotary with video communications in a comprehensive sales and collaboration platform.

WarpMe streamlines your multipoint business processes such as meetings, onboarding or eSign events for maximum efficiency with the personal connection of video. You can create and schedule multi-party video conferences with members of your organization or external users for the ultimate collaboration tool. Financial advisors, bankers and mortgage officers can improve customer service and increase sales opportunities while boosting productivity.


Warp Room

The Warp Room is a secure meeting point where customers, agents and other actors connect to a multiparty video conference to conduct eSign ceremonies, collaborate, pitch a product or otherwise conduct business. This environment provides a set of tools and services for identity validation, eNotarization and real-time collaboration.


We implement best-in-class technologies and protocols such as Single Sign On, Federated Identity Server, OpenID & oAuth2 and Recording encryption.


WarpMe solutions easily scale across medium and large structures. The flexibility of our service allows on-premise or SaaS deployment.


Our system works with your current technology. The Warp Room can connect to 3rd party services by setting up configurable connectors.


The Warp Room service is API driven and runs in the browser. No plugins. No software installation.

Our API allows customers to integrate the creation, scheduling and management of Warp Rooms within their CRM applications. A set of connectors and plugins is provided for easier integration with 3rd party applications.

API driven multi-party conferencing

Roles and conference controls

Document and screen sharing

Full-session recording and audit trail

eSign and eNotary integration

Federated identity management and ID validation

Full-featured control panel

Credit card payment integration

Our Users

Banks and Credit Unions

Customers can connect with remote specialists and sign documents from the comfort and convenience of their own homes, or any other location.


Even as more consumers turn to Internet and mobile banking, they continue to value the personal touch that branch banking provides. WarpMe helps cut the cost of operating branches by enabling customers to connect face-to-face with remote experts via mobile app or web browser.

It can also be used as an in-branch solution. This would allow multiple branches to share the same financial advisors or other specialists, lowering staffing costs and increasing efficiency.

Realtors and Mortgage Officers


WarpMe meets the demands of today’s real estate and mortgage professionals who want to minimize closing times while maintaining TRID-compliance.

Applicants can receive closing disclosures and loan estimates electronically that can be modified and accepted during the video call. This new workflow offers unprecedented speed and convenience—even when there’s a tight deadline.

Healthcare System

WarpMe provides healthcare teams the tools they need to reach a new level of coordinated care.


Coordinating patient care between multiple providers is always challenging, with difficulties such as Electronic Health Records that do not integrate well between different systems.

As quality metrics are increasingly tied to provider compensation, the collaboration tools that WarpMe delivers become even more essential for easily coordinating patient care, reducing costs and retaining merit-based revenue.

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